5 Working Ways to Send Text on TikTok Without a Phone Number | Latest Update

Good news TikTok lovers! Do you have difficulty sending messages or texts on TikTok? Or are they always requesting phone numbers even right from the registration process?

Are you scared of binding your contact to the TikTok social media platform, or you are trying to open an account with the use of your email?

Whatsoever you fear or reason might be, there is good news for you. In this post, I will be showing you the top 5 working ways that you can use to send and receive texts on TikTok without your number. Ofcourse you can create a TikTok account using different measures.

How to send text on TikTok without a phone numberAbout Tiktok

TikTok is a Chinese hosting service that is being managed by ByteDance.it is an application that has gained popularity over time in the social space.

TikTok was released in 2016 September it uses different operating systems like Android, IPad OS the iOS and it is available in 40 languages.

It is a short-form video hosting service that can stream videos from three (3) seconds to ten (10) minutes. In the year 2020 research had it that TikTok had gained over two billion downloads globally.

Although this application has been critically criticized because of its privacy practices, censoring content, etc. we find most users are still addicted to the application.

Of course, daily there are some users that are cashing out on the application because of the wide range of viewers they get.

In this article, we will be talking specifically about how to send a text on TikTok without your phone number

How to Send Text on TikTok Without a Phone Number

There are various ways in which you can send a text on TikTok without a phone number, and these include;

  1. Registration with an email
  2. Google Voice number
  3. Direct messaging
  4. Texting Application
  5. Add Friend button

However, if you want to successfully get this done without stress, then follow the guidelines & procedures outlined below for each of the message-sending methods without a phone number on Titkok.

Method #1: Through Registration with Email

To get to send text or messages on TikTok you have to first register your TikTok account without your phone number

This has automatically made you a member of the TikTok family where you can view videos, add friends and post videos.

There are basically some ways you can create a TikTok account without using a phone number. They include;

  1. Using a Google Voice number
  2. Create an account or profile using an email
  3. Use a texting application

Creating a Profile with Your Email Account

To get to send text or messages on TikTok you have to first register your TikTok account with your email. This has automatically made you a member of the TikTok family where you can view videos, add friends and post videos.

Once how to register with your email

  1. Using your preferred browser with an active internet connection.
  2. Download the TikTok application either from your play store, I Cloud apple play store etc.
  3. You have to sign up by clicking your profile
  4. You choose the very first option on the list (registration with email)
  5. You input your email correctly
  6. You will be requested to create a unique password so you can always login or sign in to your TikTok account
  7. Not that your password must have at least 8character and a maximum of 20 characters, one letter and one number, and one special character
  8. Once you click the next button you will be requested to set your birthday profile
  9. After the next button, you will be requested to complete a profile. This includes your username or a nickname of your choice and a picture (note that this particular step is subject to change at any time you wish to)
  10. You will be requested to give permission to the application to be able to access your phone
  11. You have successfully created a TikTok account without your phone number.

Method #2: Using a Google Voice number

Most of us do not understand what we mean by Google Voice not to talk of knowing what it is used for.

The Google Voice number works on all smarts phone and it gives you access to receive calls from different parts of the world.

Google voice typing can be used for personal reasons and it can also be used for business purposes. It allows you to communicate with different sets and classes of people without having their phone numbers.

All you need do is have a smartphone and get a stable data connection, it is easy to operate and less stressful.

Another important feature is that you get to have just one voice number in all the phones you would ever use so far you log in to your Google account.

The Google Voice number is a unique phone number that is being given to you by Google. During the TikTok registration process, you have to input this number.

When a message is sent you visit Google Voice by signing in or logging in. This app also saves your message.

You must note that before you can carry out this properly you have to link a contact to Google Voice.  Although Google Voice isn’t going to disclose your number to third parties it just needs it to carry point the registration process.

You can download Google Voice typing with your smartphone on the Google play store, your apple cloud, smartphone, and different gadgets.

You can also get access to it by using the link below to access it https://voice.google.com/u/0/about

Method #3: Use a texting application

Development and technology have it that there are several application that now acts as messages. While the normal message on your smartphone would request a phone number before sending a message and will always show your number to whichever destination you send a message to.

The new text application does not do that. Application like TextNow, Textfree, talkatone, etc which are free helps you send unique messages to different destinations without the use of a phone number.

After downloading this application, you can access them through the registration process by using your email. After the confirmation process, you can choose from a wide range of phone numbers the most preferred.

This contact can act as your real contact when TikTok demands your contact. During the verification process, TikTok will send a code to the number, all you need do is open the application and check your inbox.

It is important to note that most texting applications do recycle numbers that have been inactive for a particular period of time (30 days).

As such if you feel you will not need the number assigned to you on the texting app you have to delete them from all connected accounts.

Or you keep it active else once recycled and given to another user he or she might have access to your inbox and other vital information about you.

Method #4: Through direct messaging

If you wish not to input your email in TikTok you can use the direct messaging option. After downloading the TikTok app you can watch videos

You can also access the search button, you input the nickname or username of the person and then drop a message.

The message will be dropped but it will show unknown. That is how to send a direct message to the person.

This is a risky process because some of the Tiktokers have set restrictions to their account in that it does not allow messages from unknown users or unverified users.

Also, your message might drop and the person might not be aware because it is possible for it to be in the spam messages.

Not that in this mode you cannot shoot or stream any video.

Method #5: Through the Add Friend button

After you might have successfully downloaded the TikTok application.

You now open the app and click on the search button, after that, you now add the name of the friend you wish to and then search.

You can send a friend request to the user you wanna text. TikTok allows a user to customize his friend request message. This is another opportunity for you to text a friend without using your phone number.


The TikTok application is a social media platform that is being created by the Chinese. It is a platform that streams videos from 3 seconds to 10 minutes.

There are various ways you can send a text to someone on this platform without using your phone number. You can either use the direct message, registration with email, or the add friend button.

For more information and inquiries you can visit the TikTok official website at https://www.tiktok.com/en

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