How to Turn On 5g on iPhone 11 (2023 Guide)

Experiencing a data network glitch with your iphone device can be pretty frustrating, and that’s why a lot of people opt for the 5g Network which accelerates at which your internet connectivity works.

So, in this guide, I will be telling you how you can turn on 5g on your iphone 11.

However, it’s quite necessary for you to know that as of the time iPhone 11 was released, this version iphone wasn’t built with the 5g network option. But that notwithstanding, everything has a crack to it, and I will do well to let you know the possible ways you can use to turn on 5g on iphone 11.

How to Turn On 5g on iPhone 11

How to Turn On 5g on iPhone 11

If you want to turn on the 5g on your iPhone device, kindly follow the process outlined below;

STEP 1: Go to Setting
STEP 2: Tap “Cellular”
STEP 3: Click on “Cellular Data”
STEP 4: Click on “Voice and Data”
STEP 5: Tap on “5g on or 5g auto” to enable a 5g network on your iPhone.

NOTE: In some phones, after carrying out the last of the above-listed process, you might be required to provide your PIN or password, enter it correctly, and tap on “OK”.

Wow! You have successfully turned on the 5g feature on your iPhone device. Enjoy seamless internet downloading speed.

Does iPhone 11 Really Support 5g?

Currently, the 5g feature is not included in iPhone 11. This is because the 5g network wasn’t in service as of the time iPhone 11 was released in 2019.

On that note, my answer to this question is “NO”.

If 5g is Not Supported on iPhone 11, Why is My iPhone 11 Saying “5g”

The reason why your iPhone is saying “5g” could be because you are in a location with a good range of 5g network. But it is quite unfortunate that you won’t be able to connect to the network. So, stick to your LTE for now while planning to get an upgraded version of the iPhone with a 5g feature enabling option.

So, the guide that was given above is the steps on how you can turn on 5G on all its supported versions of iPhones.

iPhone Versions that Support 5g?

iPhone models that were released after iPhone 11 have the 5g feature, and I believe the future iPhone models to come will also come with 5g.

Nonetheless, listed below are the models of iPhone that support 5g;

1. iPhone SE (3rd generation)
2. iPhone 12
3. iPhone 13 Pro
4. iPhone 12 Pro Max
5. iPhone 13
6. iPhone 12 Mini
7. iPhone 13 Pro Max
8. iPhone 12 Pro
9. iPhone 13 Mini

FAQS About 5g Network and iPhones

Is there a possibility of the iPhone 11 having 5g in the future?

No. That is not possible.

Don’t dream or think of it coz it won’t happen.

Does iPhone SE support 5g?

Very well!

iPhone SE which was released in 2020 has the 5g network feature.

Reasons why my iPhone isn’t connecting to 5g?

This could be because you are in an area that doesn’t have 5g coverage Or maybe your phone doesn’t support 5g just like iPhone 11.

How do I know if my Phone is 5g enabled?

Go to the network setting to set your cellular data network preference. From there you will see if 5g is in the list.


iPhone 11 doesn’t support 5g, so don’t stress yourself with too many settings in your quest to enable it.

If you really need 5g, buy an upgraded version of the iPhone that supports this.
Howbeit, if you have some questions pertaining to this topic, kindly use the comment section to message us and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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