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How to take screenshot on PC – Have difficulties saving pictures that you would love to, or are there pages you would wish to save in your system but you can’t snip it, or is the snipping app giving you issues or you can’t use the tool at all?

Hoola, we are here to give you ease on those issues. Taking screenshots on your PC is one of the easiest things to do, but it can seem difficult if you do not know how.

So here is how you can capture your moment, pictures, screenshots copy images, etc. on your PC. There are several ways to capture a screen using your keyboard or mouse.

Some people install the snipping application in their system to help them access it. In this article, we will give you a detailed description of the different ways you can take screenshots of your PC

How to Take Screenshot on PC

There are several ways you can take screenshots on your PC. Summarily it is summed up in three different ways

  1. Using the keyboard
  2. Using your snipping tool
  3. Using the key volume and the window button ( for tablets )

Using the keyboard

The very option when talking about using the keyboard is the part screen.

The part screen is a key that s used to capture screenshots. It is usually found on the first row of the keyboard.

Whether as a Windows user (8,9,10, or 11) or a chrome book user, or a Macbook user, you can locate the part screen button just after the functions key.

The function key is made up of twelve (12) keys. In some keyboards Immediately after the 12th  key, the next key you will find is the part screen key.

Although some systems might be in full you will see things like or it performs the same function. Specifically, this function really works with Windows users.

Once you press the print screen you might not notice an effect on your system but it has actually taken a screenshot of the page.

You attempt viewing it by trying to paste the option. Or you use ctrl + v. The screen copied or screenshot by the part screen will be pasted.

Note that it can be pasted into applications that accept images. The likes of Microsoft, paint, and CorelDRAW. You cant expect an image to be pasted just like that in Excel. So it must be the application that accepts images.

Note that images taken using the Print key will be saved as a PNG file. And also note that in some laptop windows, you have to hold the function key + the print key to be able to take a screenshot.

Using the Windows key + print screen

The Windows key is an option you will find in all Windows laptops. Other bands have their brand icon to replace this feature in their models.

This method is a combination of the Windows key and the part screen key to take screenshots. Images saved through this option are usually saved to the screenshot folder in your system. The screenshot folder will be found in your picture.

That is to say that unlike the former, you have to go to your files, your pictures folder, and then your screenshots to find pictures taken through these steps.

The Alt and the part screen option

this option is the third method you can use to take screenshots on your PC. The alternate key and the part screen key.

The alt key is usually found just after the Windows key or before the Windows key on some keyboards. It is usually denoted by the Alt.

Interestingly the Alt is found twice on the keyboard. You do not need to get confused because it performs the function.

During the screenshot process, once you are sure you pressed these two keys, you might not see a dim reflection to confirm the screenshot has been taken

But the image is being copied to the clipboard and you can paste it into any application that accepts images. It functions just liketh every very method.

You have to note that on some keyboards you have to hold the FN or function key to carry out this process.

Windows key + the shift key + S

This is a shortcut to the snipping tool that is being installed by the administrators of the system.

This feature will helps you to select specific areas you wish to capture if you do not wish to capture the whole screen or if you wish to capture the individual.

Screenshots taken using this process will be found in your pictures. That is to say, you have to get to the files and then your pictures folder to get the image.

The windows + S button.

This is the best option or method you can use to screenshot on the Pc. This method does not only screenshot the Pc but records it. It is a method that is used to record several screens.

In fact, you can record up to one hundred (100) screens using this method. Note that before you use this method you have to arrange the pages you wish to record.

During the recording process, the system records every action you take, all the clicks, taps and pop-ups, etc.

When taking this recording. You have to be on the very first screen you wish to take a screenshot, and then press the windows and the s button.

Once it is pressed, it activates the Windows search bar. You are to type “psr. ex” in your search bar and then press enter.

This action opens the Windows steps recorder on your PC. It will appear on your screen and then you press the start record at the top of the toolbar.

Depending on the number of screens you wish to record you can change it through the arrow down sign just after the question mark,  click on settings, and then change the number of screens to the specific number you wish to take.

After the settings, you are to click through the different screens. Each time your screen changes, it takes a screenshot.

If you wish to stop recording, you can now click the stop record at the toolbar. A review of your screenshot will be shown. So you can take confirm if you have captured everything in the order you wish to.

You can then click on the save button. You have successfully used this method. Screenshots taken with this method are being taken to your Zip folder.  After clicking save at the top of your window, and entering the file name and location. It is saved.

The screenshot is saved in an HTML file. You can open it in your browser and view the contents.

Using the snipping Tool

This is usually installed by the administrators of your laptop, or sometimes by the owner of the laptop.

All you need to do is go to the search bar in your Windows or Chrome book and type the snipping tool, you open it and it will dim the screen of your PC.

Once you start snipping the snipped part will return to its original colors till the snipping process is over.

Note that you can change the mode in the snipping tool. From the free-form snap, the rectangular snip, the window snip, and the full-screen snip.

This is a means of changing the shape of the snip. Once it is done, you click on new and the snip starts the selection. You are to control it with your mouse.

Another feature of this tool is the annotation. You have the tool to draw on the snip to make notes, highlight to draw attention to the text, and the eraser to erase only the wrong annotations you have made.

After that, you can save the snip or you can paste the snip. To paste you have to open an application or window that supports the images and paste it.

For tablets users

Press and hold the Windows logo on your tablet

Press the volume button down if you’re using the power button, you can use the volume up button.

This will automatically save your screenshots to your screenshots in your file explorer.


This article gives a brief description of how to take screenshots on your PC. Whatever shape o screenshot you wish to take.

It also gives details of how you can make a screen recording.


  • How do I take a screenshot of a specific area on my screen?

You can use some equipment snipping to take the screenshot of some area on your screen.

To do this, open the Snipping Tool and select the “Rectangular Snip” option. Then, drag the cursor over the area of the screen you want to capture.

  • How do I take a screenshot of a scrolling window?

Some third-party screenshot tools, such as Greenshot and ShareX, allow you to take screenshots of scrolling windows. To do this, open the screenshot tool and select the “Scroll Capture” option.

Then, drag the cursor over the area of the window you want to capture.

  • How do I edit a screenshot after I take it?

Once you have taken a screenshot, you can edit it in a document or image editor.

To do this, open the screenshot in the editor and make the desired changes.

  • Where are screenshots saved on my PC?

Automatically the screenshots are saved to the Pictures.

 You can change this location by opening the Settings app and going to Ease of Access > Keyboard > Print Screen shortcut.

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