How to Send Pictures on Tinder 2023

It’s quite unfortunate that despite the hype, Tinder doesn’t have an inbuilt feature that allows users to send pictures to their chat partners (match). However, never worry, I will show you some corner ways you can use in sending pictures to people on Tinder.

But before we proceed to digress into the methods you can use to send pictures on this app, let’s first look at what the TINDER platform is all about. Especially for those of you for whom today is the first time you are hearing about “Tinder”

What’s Tinder App

Tinder is one of the best online dating platforms for a single person to match with his/her potential partner from there depending on their location.

With the Tinder app, users can chat each other.

Before now, the platform was only referred to as the best dating site, but now, it’s discovered that you can make cool friends from there as well, and some persons even use the platform for hookups.

The app has millions of active users monthly.

But, talking about sending images to your chat partner using the app, it’s a BIG NO, as it’s only the CHAT feature that’s enabled therein, and no room to send pictures directly to the person you are chatting with.

So, now that you know a little about this app, let’s further to knowing how you can send pictures on Tinder.

Can I Send Images on Tinder?


The app is developed in a way that you can’t send pictures directly to your chat partner on Tinder.

Why Doesn’t Tinder Support Direct Picture Sending?

If I am asked, I will say it’s for privacy and safety, as the platform is more concerned about the privacy of its users.

But as promised, I will show you some corner ways you can use to send images to someone on Tinder.

How to Send Pictures on Tinder

As I said earlier, I will show you the corner ways you can use to send pictures to people on Tinder and this includes;

1. Making Use of an Image Hosting Platform

In this method, you are required to use any of the image hosting platforms or any platform where you can upload the image and get a downloadable link from there to send to your chat partner on Tinder.

So, I will list out the names of some image hosting websites and their URL where you will be uploading your videos to get a downloadable link.

Image Hosting platforms for you to use

1. PRNT –
2. Wetransfer
3. Canva
4. Google Drive
5. Dropbox
6. iCloud
7. Facebook
8. Instagram, etc

The above-listed platform allows you to get a downloadable link which allows anyone with the link to get the link content directly downloaded to their devices or viewed on a browser. That means it’s the link you will send to your Tinder match.

So, if you want to use any of these platforms, like the PRNT, the process will be done through the web by just logging into the site and once it opens, you then choose then click on the “Browse images” option.

You will be taken to a page where you will be asked to select Photo Library, choose that option and you will then see all your pictures that are in the folder, choose the one you want to send and the website will generate a downloadable link for you to copy and share it with your tinder match as chat.

However, ensure to click any link you’ve generated and view it so as to be sure that you didn’t choose the wrong image or that it’s not the wrong link. So, if the link is correct, just copy it and zoom off to your Tinder app.

Launch the Tinder app, and move to the chat of whom want to send this picture, on the chatbox provided, paste the link you copied and tap “send”

You can upload and get viewable or downloaded links from any of the image hosting platforms I have listed above, after getting the link, just follow the just explain process above to send the link to your match on Tinder.

It’s as easy as that!

2. Transfer the chat from Tinder to another social media platform

As the Tinder app doesn’t have the direct picture sending through chat option, another corner way you can use in sending your pictures to your Tinder chat match is to transfer them from Tinder to another social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, telegram or WhatsApp, etc where you can send photos to them through chat.

In this method, during your chat with them on Tinder, you can ask for their number for Whatsapp and Telegram, or ask them for their Facebook, and Instagram usernames, and likewise share yours with them. Add each other there and you can send your pictures to them directly over there.

3. Set the Image you Want to Send as your Profile Picture and Tell the Person to go View it

Another method of sharing your pictures with someone on the Tinder app is to upload the picture on your Tinder profile picture and then tell the person through chat to go check out your new profile picture.

With these three methods, you can send pictures to your Tinder match at ease.

Do this and thank us later!

FAQS Abot Tinder Dating App

What is Tinder?

This is a location-based social dating app.

Can I chat directly with the Tinder app?


Will I be able to see whom I have recently messaged if I delete my Tinder app and reinstall it?

No, you won’t be able to see them.

How do I see partners that match with me on Tinder?

After signing up on the platform, tinder will automatically match you with the right potential depending on your location.

Once the person liked you back, it’s a match and you guys can start chatting with each other.


Now that you have seen the workable ways you can send pictures on the Tinder app, go ahead and implement it.

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