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Hello TikTok users, TikTok influencers,s and TikTok newbies, if you have been thinking of how to make a playlist, or you are lost in the steps, or it is not responding, etc.

Any difficulty you are facing during the playlist creation process, we’ve got you covered. TikTok is one of the most trending social media platforms.

It is a media platform that allows a maximum duration of 10 minutes and a minimum duration of 3 seconds of videos. This platform has been used by several persons to generate cash.

How to Make Playlist on TikTok

One of the most interesting features of this application is that it allows you to create a playlist of your videos. For example f you are an influencer or you are a tutor, content creator or etc., and you are making a descriptive video, it allows you to create a playlist and sections for your videos. It also allows you to arrange the videos in that even when you are not streaming an online video you can access your playlist and follow up accordingly.

It Is widely noticed that this particular feature has more than 10,000 users specifically content creators.  Interestingly this feature can be used by both a premium user and a follower. Whether you follow blogs, pages, etc.

In this article, we will be taking you on a step-by-step guide on how to create a TikTok playlist person that can access this feature. So you have to read carefully and follow the steps.


How to Make Playlist on TikTok

The Tiktok Playlist feature is available to video creators only.

So if you can’t access this you should note that this feature isn’t available for your usage yet.

Also, note that playlists are available for only videos and specifically your videos. As such, you cannot create a playlist with people’s videos

The feature can be accessed in the video tab. There are two ways you can make a TikTok playlist. Either you make it through

  1. Profile
  2. video

The following are the steps involved to make a TikTok playlist. (From your profile)

  1. Using your preferred browser, open the application on your phone or web.
  2. Tap or click the profile button that is located n the right bottom
  3. You will see the video tab, and among the list, you will see the option” sort videos into playlist” You click it. (Note that this option will be shown if you haven’t created a playlist before).
  4. In cases where you already have a playlist, all you need to do is to click the plus icon that is beneath your existing playlist.
  5. The next option you will see is the name playlist. you can name a playlist to your preferred name. And if you are adding a playlist, you name your new playlist to your preferred name.
  6. The next option is selecting the video you wish to add to your playlist. (you have to note that you can only add videos that have a public audience to a playlist, also it is important to note that you can only add a video to one playlist only).
  7. When you are done adding the videos, you will see Create playlist beneath your videos highlighted with red or pink. You click on it

How to make a playlist through video

  1. Using your preferred browser, you open the TikTok application. (please make sure you have a steady network connection)
  2. Click or open one of your videos.
  3. You will see the menu icon on the interface of your video, you select Add to Playlist (you can also use the process of long-pressing the video to show the menu option and then you select” Add to playlist”).
  4. Since you don’t have a playlist yet you click on the created playlist.
  5. After the creation of the playlist, you name the playlist (you are required to choose a name that will you and your followers access to content that is of their interest).
  6. You can create a playlist. Add more videos to the list and it should be interesting videos that will draw more users to the playlist.

You have successfully created a playlist. If you cannot access this feature there are two basic reasons.

  1. It is either you have not directly registered your TikTok account or
  2. You have limited followers. (By this I mean you have to not grow up to at least 10,000 followers). So if you are a new TikTok user don’t think of this feature yet until you have access and hit the number of followers. It will be provided to you. You don’t need to request it or apply for it.

Reasons why we should use a TikTok playlist

  1. For a person that makes a variety of content, you need to categorize your videos. With different names and parts. It can be cleaning tip parts one, two three …)
  2. If you are a storyteller, whether fictional or non-fictional, the playlist serves as a director to the videos, to help users follow the videos accordingly.
  3. If you are a TikTok that helps to participate in TikTok subcultures, you have to list your playlist in accordance with these tags. So as to help people in that community to access your videos, page, and content easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a web app user can I still create a playlist?

Yes you can use a playlist

How many videos can I add to a playlist?

You can as many videos as you wish to add to the playlist.

What are the methods involved in creating the TikTok playlist?

There are two methods, the videos and profile method

Why do I need to get a TikTok playlist?

For a person that makes a variety of content, you need to categorize your videos. With different names and parts. It can be cleaning tip parts one, two three …), etc.

What are the simple reasons why I can’t access my TikTok Playlist?

You have not met the required number of followers, and secondly, your account is not registered


This article gives you a brief description of the two methods of creating a TikTok playlist.  It also features the reason why the TikTok playlist is not accessible to everybody. Also, it features why you need to have or use a playlist.

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