How to Lock Screen on YouTube (Step by Step)

Here in this article, you will be showed the step by step guide on how to lock screen on YouTube.

So, if you have been looking for any possible way you can use in locking you YouTube screen, then continue reading…

But before I start talking about the steps, let’s first of all take a look at what the platform called YouTube is all about;

How to Lock Screen on YouTube

About YouTube

Popularly abbreviated as YT, YouTube is an online video sharing platform with over billions of people using the platform before a month end.

On the platform, you will see videos that suits your need at a particular point in time; be it educational, inspirational, entertainment, finance, life guide, and literally any kind of videos you may want.

However, If you would love to see more of what YouTube can offer, the best idea is to either visit their website or download their mobile app on either Google play store if you are using an Android device or apple if you are an iPhone user.

So now, let’s head over to our topic of concentration for the day which is “How to lock screen on YouTube”

Whatever you reasons of locking the YouTube screen might be, this article will be explain in details how you can get it done.

Is there a Possibility of Locking YouTube Screen?

Yes, YouTube has a feature that allow it’s users to lock the YouTube screen.

Howbeit, it’s pertinent to note that it’s not all devices that you can use to lock Youtube option on.

So, let’s check the devices that support YouTube Lock Screen.

Devices that Support YouTube Lock Screen

This feature can only be enabled when you are using YouTube App on either Android or iOS devices.

How to Lock Screen on YouTube (Step by Step)

iPhones (iOS) and Android (Apk) devices aren’t using the same setting options. So, on that note, my explanation will come in two ways, which is for android and iPhone users.

For Android Users

If you are using an android phone to access the YouTube app, below is how to lock your YouTube screen if you so wish.

  1. Go to your phone setting
  2. Scroll down to the Security option, tap it to open
  3. Tap on more security settings.
    NOTE: In some devices, you will not see the More Security option, so as you are scrolling down after tapping the SECURITY option, you will find the app pinning option
  4. Locate and tap on “Screen Pinning”
  5. Toggle to turn on the screen pinning option
  6. Minimize from there to Open the YouTube app in your phone
  7. Tap on the Minimizing icon that’s always at the bottom of the phone screen
  8. You will see a preview of the YouTube App in the vertical lists of your minimized app
  9. Look at the top of the YouTube preview and tap on the menu icon

  10. From the above screenshot, tap on “PIN”
  11. A prompt screen will pop up requesting to know if you are really sure of your decision, Tap on “okay”

That’s it, you have successfully PIN the YouTube app.

To unpin, tap and hold on the Minimizing and back button at the bottom of the phone screen.


As promised, we’ve explain in details how you can lock your YouTube using the steps that are outlined in this article .

So, it’s now left for you to take action by implementing it.


Can I look my Laptop YouTube Screen?

When watching YouTube on your Desktop and laptops, you won’t be able to lock the screen.

Can I really lock my YouTube screen?

Yes, you can do that…

How to ensure that no one else sees what are viewing on YouTube?

The best and easiest way you can hide what you are viewing on YouTube from others, is to use the YouTube screen locking option.

However, there are other ways you can use in ensuring that no one sees what you are watching on YT.

is the YouTube Lock Screen Feature Available on All Device?

If you are accessing YouTube through desktop, laptop, or smart tv, you will not be able to lock the YouTube screen.

But, the feature is available for people who are using YouTube app on Android and iOS devices.

Can video playback be control after locking my YouTube screen?

It’s possible to control the YouTube video play back even when you have locked the screen

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