How to Change Your Birthday on TikTok (2023 Update)

How to Change Your Birthday on TikTok – Are you a social media influencer? A fan of TikTok or you are a new user and you are having difficulties with changing your birthday on TikTok?

Either as a new user or as an old user, you can easily change your birthday on TikTok with the step-by-step guide in this article.

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today. It is a social media platform that allows for video recording about a minimum of three (3) seconds and a maximum, of ten (10) minutes.

TikTok allows for streaming of live video, content creation, advertisement, etc. Apart from this, it has lots of other valuable features.

Currently, this applica

tion has more than one thousand five hundred billion active users. These users are mostly adults

One can say that 18% of the social media users are on TikTok. It streams and contains more video content in that you can find different influencers making money through it.

Yes, you can make money from the application, the higher the number of people, on your page or post the more your monetary value increases.

In this article, we will give you a detailed explanation of how to change your birthday on TikTok, so sit tight and follow the steps carefully.

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How to change your birthday on TikTok

Firstly, can you change the date on TikTok?

Yes, it is very possible to change a date on the TikTok application. The TikTok application gets your age during registration but in cases where the date is having conflicts or getting restrictions to some content you can choose to change it.

Although it is very difficult to change your birthday on TikTok here are the steps to guide you.

You have to understand that you cannot change the birthday or update a birth date of an already existing user in the profile excerpt you report it as a problem.

Reporting it as a problem is requesting them to update your details. Customer care will demand your valid means of identification with your date of birth.

Until you are able to start the process of updating your details your account will always remain under restricted mode especially if the age you used for registration is below the average age needed to access content on the platform

So you first report it as a problem using a customer care support system.

Step one (1)

With a stable network connection you can open the TikTok application on your gadget and an interface like the one you are seeing will pop-up

Step two (2)

You check the bottom of the right corner and click on profile.


Step three (3)

Displayed on the profile page, at the top right corner, you will see three horizontal lines, you click on it

Step four (4)

You will see a list of creator tools, my QR code, Settings, and Privacy. You click on settings and privacy

Step five (5)

Under support and about, you click on report a problem

Step six (6)

Under the topics, you select Account and Profile the very first option under the topic.

How to change your birthday on TikTok

Step seven (7)

Under that, you scroll and select the editing profile

Step eight (8)

You scroll down and then click on the very last option which is other

Step nine (9)

On this page, beneath, “Is your problem resolved” you click on the “need more help”

Step ten (10)

On the page that shows you will be requested to type in a problem and it is tagged “Tell us your feedback”

Also, you are being told that for your safety you should not include any personal information.

In the box provided, you are requested to type in the problem you wish to report. In this case, if you are trying to change your birthdate you will type in something like; I want to change the birthdate on my TikTok account …

Step eleven (11)

You can choose to add a picture, an error message, or our valid means of identification (driver’s license, voter’s card, national identity card, etc.), etc.

Step twelve (12)

You can then click on the submit button.

The TikTok customer service agent will access the information and if the picture of your means of identification was not correct you will be requested to submit another one.

Once you have met the terms and conditions, your request will be processed and your account will be updated.

What happens if my request is declined?

If after the process you still do not have access to your TikTok account, you can choose plan B

What the is Plan B

Plan B is an option for deleting your account and creating a new one. Yes, some users will say after I have built my page, etc.

You can always create a new account and then tag or comment it so your fans can know that you have a new account.

Please well, creating a new account and do well to input the correct details to avoid age restrictions and other issues.

Although it is pathetic that you will lose most content on the account, your video, followers, following, etc. it is the best and only option left if your account update has been declined.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change a TikTok date of birth?

Yes, although you cannot change it directly, you can always request a change through the customer care support service

Is there a specified means of identification needed to change my TikTok date of birth?

Nope, you are only requested to provide a valid means of identification that carries your correct date of birth

What do the minimum hours or seconds/minute TikTok videos carry?

A single TikTok video has a minimum of three (3) seconds and a maximum of ten (10) minutes

What will happen if my request to change the TikTok date of birth is declined?

You can use the plan B option, which is deleting the TikTok account and opening a new one with the correct and accurate details

Why is my TikTok account under restricted errors?

One of the main reasons is because of your date of birth. TikTok selects an age range of users and the kind of content and video they should and can access.


This article gives you a step-by-step guide on how to update or change the TikTok date of birth. It also gives you an option if your request is being declined.

For more information and inquiries you can log on to the TikTok official page at

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