How to Change Name on Paypal in 2023 | Latest Update

How to Change Name on Paypal – Are you looking for a way to change your name on Paypal? If yes, then don’t worry!

In this article is will be showing you the step by step process to changing the name that’s on your Paypal account. Though the the process of changing PayPal name might not bee a easy as social media account name changing, but the stress is worth it.

Be it that you want to change the name on your personal or business PayPal account, this post will help you to get that fixed at ease.

How to Change Name on Paypal

What’s Paypal?

Paypal is a digital payment gateway that allows it’s users to send and receive money, or pay for services online safely, fast and convenient.

Paypal have both the web and app version of it.

Is it Really Possible to Change My Name on PayPal?

The direct answer to this question is YES!

The owners of PayPal has made it possible for users to change the name on either their personal or business account name!

But, it’s you want to change to another person name, it’s not might not really be possible. However, if you are changing the name because you have a new legal, then it’s possible to do that, though you will be required to provide legal documents to confirm your name change.

The same requirement as of the personal name changing will be required on trying to change a business! You will need a legal documenting which shows that your business name has been changed.

Your linked bank account will have to bear the same name as the new name your are changing your Paypal name to.

Reason Why People Change Their Name on PayPal

There are many reasons why people change their name on different platforms, and this maybe because;

  1. Marriage: This happens mostly with female, when they are, they will have to change their name to husbands name!
  2. Changing from Nickname to their legal name
  3. Typo error when the were submitted the previous name and may want to correct it. (either one or two letters)

How to Change Name on Paypal

To either change the name on your personal or business PayPal account, follow the process below;

For Personal Paypal Account

STEP 1: Visit the Paypal official website –

STEP 2: Login to your account using the appropriate details (email/phone number and password)

STEP 3: Go to Account Settings

STEP 4: Click on the “Change Name” option which is directly beside where you have your NAME.

STEP 5: Choose the Type of Name change option that you want to carry out.

STEP 6: Type in your NEW NAME in the provided boxes

STEP 7: You will be required to provide certain documents in either image or pdf format! So, get that done (both Front and back)

For Business Paypal Account

  1. Login to Paypal account through their official portal –
  2. Go to the Account Setting and then click on “Business information”
  3. Click on “Update’ and then “Edit”
  4.  Tap on “Change” which is under the Business name
  5. Input the new name of your business

NOTE: Follow the prompt and ensure to provide the needed legal documents.

However, it will be better that you create a new PayPal business account instead of updating the name of already existing business account if you are creating an account for a new business.


Can I change Paypal name to my legally married name?

YES! If you just got married, and you will love to change the name on your Paypal account to your husbands name, then that’s quite possible. But you will be required to provide some documents for prove.

Is there a possibility of changing my business name on Paypal?

Very well!

You can change your PayPal business account name name.

Does PayPal allows fake name?

Normally, PayPal will not know if your name is real or not when creating accounting. So, you can use fake name and document to create PayPal. But you might have some transaction limits and might lose the account.

How can I hide my name from showing on PayPal?

No way! So don’t even think of that.
However, if there is any development on how to hide the name, this page will be updated
But you can use the fake name option to do that.


We hope that the above tutorial is well understood.

But, if there are some things you don’t understand here and you might want to ask us some questions, kindly use the comment box below to ask us your question.

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