How to Block Videos on YouTube 2023 – For Adult and Kids

How to Block Videos on YouTube – YouTube is one of the biggest online video sharing platforms where people visits for different purposes such as learning, boredom killing watching skits), watching videos, etc.

At the same time it can be a great distraction due to it enormous amount of content. 

This video sharing platform is the first of its kind and it is also the second-most visited website after Google.

Before you go further you need to understand that YouTube has more than 2 billion active users monthly who watch over 5 billion videos per day.

That is quite overwhelming and you might be looking for a way to block some videos that are not relevant to you. 

how to block videos on youtube

Even as a parent, you might want to make sure you protect the kind of content your kids are exposed to.

They may be harmful, spamming, offensive, or content that goes against your beliefs.

YouTubers upload about 720,000 hours of fresh video content per day and here’s how to block the ones you’re not interested in.

How to Block Videos on YouTube

There are a lot of ways to block YouTube videos, but let’s first of all talk about the “Restricted Mode option”

How to block YouTube videos using the Restricted Mode option.

You can block these types of videos from not being shown on your computer or laptop by using a built-in YouTube feature or an extension from your browser. 

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown on how to block YouTube videos using the inbuilt YouTube feature on your laptop or computer. 

First, you open the YouTube website (, once the page finally loads. At the top-right corner of the YouTube website, click on your profile icon.

But, if you have not signed in yet, you can still click there and sign in. 

If your Gmail is registered on that computer or laptop then you will be sign in on YouTube automatically. 

That aside, in the drop down menu, scroll to the buttom you will see the Restricted Mode option. Click on it.

You will see a toggle switch that looks like an on/off button. Toggle it on to Activate  Restricted Mode and enable the feature. To know if you have toggle it on, the switch will turn blue instead of gray.

If yours is still gray, it means it is still off, you need to click it again to turn it on. Once that is done then you are one step closer.

If your friends or loved ones do have access to your computer or laptop you can prevent them from not turning off Restricted Mode when you are away.

All you have to do is to look down a bit on the restriction drop down menu, you will see Lock Restricted Mode on this browser, click there and everything is set.

Congratulations, you have now activated the Restricted Mode on your computer or laptop and nobody can turn it off when you are not around.

How to Block Videos on Youtube that are inappropriate for Kids

The next hurdle is parenthood, in this digital age where young children are tech savvy it’s very important as a parent to protect your minors from having access to content that’s not appropriate for them or maybe will affect the kids mental health.

But thanks to YouTube for rolling out a feature on android and IOS that enable parent to censor the kind of content their kids are exposed to.

There are two ways to achieve this. 

Let’s go on the ride, sit tight and relax…

You can customize your child’s experience on YouTube and you can also use YouTube kids in addition to using parental controls and settings.

YouTube kids generally does a good job in making sure the video it shows your children are appropriate for their age range.

Moreover, in as much as YouTube kids shows your children appropriate videos for their age range, there will be some channels that is against your beliefs, or you feel it’s a potential threat to your children’s future wellbeing. If an entire YouTube channel isn’t suitable for your children viewing experience you can block the video or channel on YouTube kids.

Here’s a step-by-step approach on how to block videos or channel on YouTube kids.

First of all, how does blocking work on YouTube kids?

If you have two children and above, it means you’ll create different YouTube kids account for them which means every step you will learn here you will have to repeat it on each of their individual profiles manually. 

It worth the little stress though. Just to let you know that blocking a YouTube channel or video on YouTube kids doesn’t guarantee that if your children log into YouTube on a computer or laptop those Restricted channels and videos will show. 

So, make sure they stick to YouTube kids or follow the steps I shared earlier on how to block YouTube videos on browser and block them.

Now, if there’s a particular video you don’t find appropriate or something you feel your children should be exposed to you can stop it from appearing within YouTube kids.

If your kid is smart enough to try viewing the inappropriate videos using it direct URL, the following error message will be displayed on the screen “sorry, this video can not be played, try watching something else”

That’s a huge relief as a parent knowing you’re really protecting them.

Nevertheless, I promised to show you different ways to block the videos or channel. 

If you’re on the homepage of YouTube kids and you come across a channel or video you don’t want your children to see.

Click on the three vertical dot next to the video thumbnail and select Block this video. Quite easy, right?

Let’s move to the next step…

So, how about a situation you’re watching a video and you want to block it so your children won’t be able to view it later. All you have to do is;

In the top-right of the video player, select the three vertical dot again as you shown in the other steps and select either block video, block this video only, or block. Whatever the case just make sure you block it.

That’s it for blocking of videos, so let’s talk about how to block channel on YouTube kids.

How to Block Channel on YouTube kids

You can search for the channel you wish to block and click on the channel header, click on the three vertical dots and select Block this channel. Viola, you have successfully block it and your children will thank you for it.

Repeat the same process while watching a video from the channel. Click the three vertical dots at the top-right of the video player and select either block, block video or block entire channel. Whatever prompt you see make sure it is blocked.

Now, you know how to protect the kind of content you and your children can access…

Congratulations on a toxic free YouTube and YouTube kids experience.

Now, you can be rest assured your children are having access to quality content that will improve their life and overall mental health without them even knowing.

FAQS About YouTube

How long does it take to make a video? 

Ans: It depends on the type of video content you want to shoot. Some structured tutorials takes several hours of prep and filming time and much longer to edit. It might be 4-5 hours.

How can I get confident filming in public? 

Ans: Honestly it takes time if you’re an introvert it takes more time. But with consistency you will gain confidence overtime.

How do I come up with video ideas?

Ans: It all boils down to your niche and paying close attention to the questions people ask in the comment, etc.


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