Detailed Guide on How to Backup Photos on Snapchat (2023 Update)

How to Backup Photos on Snapchat – Have you ever pondered on how to keep your photos safe in that you can get them anytime you wish? or ever lost your phone and then you miss all your pictures alongside

Some people are not even aware that we can back up their Snapchat photos. I had a phone since 2015 and I used the snapchat application could you believe that I still have access to these pictures even to date?

It sounds incredible, right? Technology has given us various options for keeping storage or saving not just our documents but other important valuables.

Your videos, messages, recording, and even pictures. I mean it sounds weird to get married in 2019 and by 2022 you can’t have access to these pictures again and when you are asked you give an excuse that you lost your phone.

Snapchat is an instant messaging application that is American owned. It is serviced and developed by Snap Inc. This application was released on the 8th of July 2011.

The application uses several programming languages like C, R, Python, JavaScript, Swift, Cocoa++, PHP, etc.

The application is being made available in about 37 different languages which gives access to users all over the world.

Snapchat features include instant messaging, video making, pictures and filters, news, chats(social media), news, voice swapping, over impositions and etc.

If you are tired of sending and receiving pictures and then within a blink of an eye you can access them again then this article is for you

In this article, we will be talking extensively about how to back up photos in snap chat. We will give you a step-by-step guide on the processes involved.

How to Backup Photos on Snapchat

To be able to backup photos in your Snapchat you have to read carefully through the steps and process

For New Snapchat Users

  1. If you are a new user you need to download the snap chat application. Whether you are using an iPhone you use your Apple store and for Android users, you use your play store.
  2. After you must have successfully downloaded the application you can now signup with your preferred username.
  3. After the signup process, you will be asked permission for location, pictures and adding your friends and syncing your contacts, etc.
  4. After the registration process, you can now start capturing the video or pictures with the snap chat application.
  5. When you are done with the video, you can now tap on the save button.
  6. The snap chat application will request to know which of the saving options or locations you which to use.Snapchat
  7. You are to choose the last option before the save button, memories, and camera roll. This will allow your photo to be saved to your camera roll. It saves you the energy of going to extract photos to the camera roll after saving in snap chat.
  8. The photo or video will be saved to your phone and the memories you can view it. Also, if you have an active data connection your Google photos will save alongside your camera photos on your Google Cloud storage.

For Old Snapchat Users

  1. If you are an already existing user of the snap chat application all you need do is create a video or take pictures with the application.
  2. After that, you tap on the “Save Button”
  3. You choose the save option “Memories and camera roll.
    How to Back up Photos on Snapchat
  4. The pictures will be saved on your snap chat and in the gallery of your phone.
  5. You can now back it up on your Google Photos alongside other photos
  6. You can also access this photo in your snap chat memories. Once in a while, your snap chat will remind you of the photos on the exact date you took them the previous year. Except you change the snap chat login details.

How to Backup Your Memories On Snapchat

Since the photos are being saved to your memories and the camera roll you can also choose to back up the pictures and videos in your memories.

Whether you are an old user or a new user you follow the following step

  1. Open your snap chat application
  2. Go to the setting option, scroll down and under the notification options you will see memories you click on it
    How to Back up Photos on Snapchat
  3. On this page, you will see backup progress, smart backup, import snaps from the camera roll, etc. Firstly, you turn your smart backup on. You check if your backup progress is complete, if not you back it up.
    Backup Photos on Snapchat
  4. You press the import snaps from camera roll option by pressing this you have given permission for the pictures to be saved and imported to your memories.
  5. You can click the save button to save the settings you just made. If you don’t want your pictures to be saved in different places, you can select the camera roll option only


Although Snapchat cannot save videos and pictures directly to I cloud, you can use the multiple saving options (camera roll and memories). This allows your photos to be saved to your Google Photos during Syncing.

Yes, the application is safe and convenient to use if only you have the right settings with active data.

There are basically ways to back up your photos as explained above.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Snapchat was first introduced?

Snapchat came into existence on the 8th of July 2011.

Is Snapchat a Nigerian application?

Snapchat is an American-based application that is managed by Snap INC.

Can get to view pictures taken in snap chat from my phone gallery?

Yes you can

How can I view it?

You have to go to settings and then choose the save button that contains the camera roll and memories or you always export any photo you snap to your camera roll.

Can I recover photos lost on Snapchat?

Yes you can, so far you have the login details to your Snapchat account

Can I save my Snapchat status?

Yes, you can

Can I save my Snapchat chats?

Yes you can back up your Snapchat chats

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