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How to Accept Money on PayPal – Online vendors, and online traders (crypto, bitcoin, zuga coin, etc.) having difficulties accepting money through PayPal can now do so with the help of this article.

Paypal is an American financial technology company that operates as an online system in countries that support online money services.

PayPal is a public company that was founded twenty-four (24) years ago. It was first founded as Confinity and in 1999 October it was founded as Finally, in March 2000 it was founded as PayPal.

This company has its headquarters in California USA. And an operative center in La Vista, Nebraska in the USA.

This’s particular application has served a worldwide purpose and generates dollars of billions. PayPal has products such as credit cards and payment systems

This application is being used in over 200 countries and different regions. The application has different systems and methods in different countries of operation.

One can rightly do digital marketing with the PayPal application. Also, it might interest you to know that is available in a handy form, for IOS users and Android users.

The PayPal application uses security token t operate and it helps eliminate fraud. It also uses a two-factor authentication in its mode of operation.

In this article, we will be talking about how to accept money in a PayPal account.


How to Accept Money on PayPal

You do not need to get confused as to accepting money on PayPal and receiving money on PayPal. It means one and the same thing.

To accept money on PayPal means permitting the money to enter your account and to receive money is getting money into your account as such it means one and the same thing.

You cannot receive money without having a PayPal account. So firstly before you think of receiving money you have to first of all create a PayPal account

Hot to create a PayPal account

The following steps are the steps used for creating a PayPal account

  1. Using your preferred browser log on to
  2. in the place provided, fill in your mobile number (note it must be an active phone number )
  3. The next step you will be requested to pass is the security challenge state. It Is a recaptcha you need to tick f you are human or not
  4. after ticking the I am human option and the challenge is being processed successfully, you will be requested to confirm the phone number
  5. A code will be sent to the phone number you provided. You have to input the code and it will automatically redirect itself
  6. The next step is the setting up of a profile. You will be requested to fill in an email address, a first name, and a last name and create a password.
  7. After filling the details correctly you have to press the next button. Note that the email you are using is the one you will use in receiving money. Also, note that you have to create a strong and unique password.
  8. The next step is the addition of your address. You are advised to use the one that is on your bills. you are to provide your nationality, date of birth, address line one, line two, city, postcode, and state capital and then affirm that you wish to stay logged in and also confirm your approval to create the PayPal account. And an agreement to the terms and conditions.
  9. After that, you click the agree button and create an account.
  10. Paypal will request to confirm the email account.
  11. You need to open your email and then follow the link provided to confirm the account after that You have successfully created a PayPal account

After opening the PayPal account when someone wants to send money to your account all you need do is to send your email address or phone number to the person.

You can always receive the money that is sent to your PayPal account through your PayPal home page.

After seeing the money you can then decide to transfer it to your bank account or keep it in your balance.

Keeping money in your balance makes you able to send money to your family and friends and also shop online amicably.

Apart from the general option, there are other major ways of accepting money on the PayPal application and they include
  1. Invoicing through the PayPal account

This is done by using the involved tools. All you need to do is request the customer or merchant to pay using his credit or debit card. Also, he should access it through his personal account. Accessing it through here is sending it through your email or phone number portal.

  1. Using the link

This is a short URL that is solely for the owner of the account. You can customize your link you be your business name and if it has not been claimed yet by anyone you can always use it to send to a person to get credit

  1. Setting up a PayPal gateway In your system

Here you need to set up a website for your PayPal account .you also need to set up a gateway. The particular method you can use to obtain this depends on your web host. You can use word press because it has PayPal plugins buttons.

This is a better choice for a person who sells digital products, courses, physical products, etc.

  1. Linking your PayPal account to one of your accounting software
  2. Scanning your QR code

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get money from a PayPal user without a PayPal account?

Nope, you cannot, you have to get a PayPal account first.

What and what is needed to create a PayPal account?

All you need is a valid phone number and an active email address

How long does it take one to receive money sent to a PayPal account?

It takes minutes, in fact, seconds. PayPal is an online system so it updates itself, immediately it should show in your dashboard. If it takes at most more than 5 minutes the money has issues, or it was not sent.’

What is the cost of receiving money in a PayPal account?

PayPal charges 3.49% and a fixed fee for online transactions. It also charges 2.7 percent on credit and debit card transactions.


This article gives you a detailed explanation of how to receive or accept money in your PayPal account. it covers how to create a PayPal account and the different ways of accepting money into your PayPal.

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